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American denial of climate change and its impacts

Himal Acharyaकाठमाडौं
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The paris agreement was hailed as a landmark international deal when 194 countries,including the EU and china signed up to sweeping pledges on the environment a UN meeting in the french capital in late 2015.But in 2017 US president Donald Trump sent shockwaves through the international community when he announced that he would back out of a global agreement to tackle climate change.This comes as a big shock as US is one of the leading countries in world forum and the second biggest polluter behind china.

The agreement requires the developed nations (as defined by the UN framework in 1992) will continue to help developing countries with the cost of going green and the costs of coping with the effects of climate change.Finance was one of the biggest rows of the talks with developing nations demanding more cash(arguing that developed nations haven’t met their $100 bn pledge).There were concerns about how to generate fund after US made it clear that it would never ratify such a deal.

Trump describing the pact as “an agreement that disadvantages the united states to the exclusive benefit of other countries” has been making the situation worser.The problem is not only limited to financial aspect but there are chances of countries being psychologically affected.Developing countries feel cheated as they are the ones who are least responsible for causing climate change but they are the ones who are suffering the most.Amid such a vulnerable scenario US being vocal about climate change being the hoax has raised questions about the authenticity of paris agreement and how it is going to achieve its goals.

The element of surprise continue to exist with the appointment of Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA ‘the organization that is tasked with protecting the health of US citizens and the environment.Pruitt is a climate change denier who has reportedly questioned whether human activity is responsible for climate change.Thisis contradictory to what 97 percent of climate scientists voice out.They agree that”climate warming trends over the past century extremely likely due to human activities”.

Unlike Trump his predecessor ,Barack Obama had added climate change to the list of threats in 2015 saying it was an urgent and growing threat contributing to increased natural disasters refugee flows and conflict over basic resources like food and water.Trumpon the other hand is constantly refering climate change and paris agreement as a chinese conspiracy to weaken Americaneconomy.Although Trump himself has made it clear about chances of US agreeing to paris agreement if considerable offers are tabled but it happens no early than 2019.The rest of the world should be prepared for combating climate change along withamericanunwillingness before the mother earth starts collapsing and this place will no longer be safer place to live.

Himal Acharya

Currently pursuing Bachelors in Agriculture ,Agriculture and Forestry University ,Chitwan ,Nepal

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